Well Rounded Legal Representation

FOP Plan/Police Protection

Even though our police officers are here to protect us, they too need proper legal protection. Law Office of Dan B, Johnson P.S. is a part of the FOP Plan that provides legal representation for police officers who are facing criminal or civil charges.
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Law Office of Dan B, Johnson P.S. has experience in appeals on the state and federal level. Appealing a judge's decision can be a long process, but necessary if a mistake was made during the trial process.

Reasons for Appeal

  • Misuse or Improper Gathering of Evidence
  • Judge Incorrectly Instructs Jurors
  • Extremely Large/Unpayable Damages
  • If An Attorney Encourages an Appeal

Family Law

Divorce can be messy and overwhelmingly stressful for both parties. Let Law Office of Dan B, Johnson P.S. ease the process by providing caring and thorough non-custody divorce representation. Avoid the unnecessary drama of divorce litigation and choose a lawyer who will help you in your time of need.

Juvenile Criminal Defense

If your children are ever in legal trouble, Law Office of Dan B, Johnson P.S. will fight for them. Kids are known for making mistakes, big and small. Don't let some other lawyer pretend to have their best interest. Attorney Dan is a legal professional who cares about your child's future.

Medical Malpractice

It is sometimes unthinkable that doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals with the power to heal could ever do anything to harm us, but it is a problem that cannot be ignored. Accidents happen while under a physician's care. If those accidents caused any injuries or threatened your life, Law Office of Dan B, Johnson P.S. will find who's responsible.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Battling insurance companies can be a confusing process, but not for Law Office of Dan B, Johnson P.S. Dan takes the time to comb over every detail to make sure your insurance company is holding up their end of your contract. If your insurance provider is treating you unfairly or unreasonably, call 509-483-5311 right away.